MPPSC General Geography Important Practice Questions


Hello Friends!  Here are some important questions for MPPSC exam. Memorize and practice these well before appearing for exam. Good Luck!! [rapid_quiz question=”Main river of Rewa -Panna plateau is – ” answer=”Ken” options=”Shipra|Chambal|Ken|Narmada” notes=”Correct answer is Ken”] [rapid_quiz question=”Total length of Narmada River in MP is…” answer=”1079 KM” options=”1310 KM|1079 KM|800 KM|1750 KM” notes=”Correct answer is 1079 Km “] [rapid_quiz question=”Singaar peak in located at” answer=”Plateau of Malwa” options=”Plateau of Malwa|Plateau of Rewa-Panna|Bundelkhand area| Plateau of Central India” notes=”correct answer is Plateau of Malwa”] [rapid_quiz question=”Place of Origin of [rapid_quiz question=”Khan river passess through which city” answer=”Indore” options=”Devas|Indore|Bhopal|Ratlam” notes=”Correct answer is Ratlam”] [rapid_quiz question=”What type of soil is mostly found on Plateau of Malwa” answer=”Black Soil” options=”Red Soil|Jalodh Soil|Black Soil|Yellow soil” notes=”Correct answer is Black soil”] [rapid_quiz question=”Ravine or ‘beehad’ is made by which river” answer=”Chambal” options=”Narmada|Chambal|Ken|Taapti” notes=”Correct answer is Chambal”] [rapid_quiz question=”Iron Ore mines is in” answer=”Mandla” options=”Mandla|Indore|Gwalior|Ratlam” notes=”Correct answer is Mandla “] [rapid_quiz question=”Majhgawa mine is famous for production of” answer=”Diamond” options=”Coal|Iron|Diamond|Magnese” notes=”Correct answer is Diamond”] [rapid_quiz question=”‘Vehat’ mines of Satna is famous for” answer=”Cheene Mitti” options=”Dolomite|Geru |Fire clay|Cheene Mitti” notes=”Correct answer is Cheene Mitti”] [rapid_quiz question=”Place of origin of Chambal river is” answer=”Janapaak mountain (Mahu)” options=”Janapaak mountain (Mahu)|Kakadachardi (Indore)|Nagada (Ujaiian|None of the above” notes=”Correct answer is Janapaak mountain”] [rapid_quiz question=”Sindhu river is Tributary of which river” answer=”Chambal” options=”Narmada|Shipra|Ken|Chambal” notes=”Correct answer is Chambal”] [rapid_quiz question=”Mandhaar and Dardi water falls are made by which river?” answer=”Narmada” options=”Tava|Narmada|Chambal|taapti” notes=”Correct answer is Narmada”] [rapid_quiz question=”Place of origin of Taapti river is” answer=”Multaai” options=”Multaai|Janapav|Amarkantak|Kymore ranges” notes=”Correct answer is Multaai”]


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