Practice Quiz 3: MP PSC GS Paper I Q:51-75

For your Practice here we present another set of 25 Questions from the previous year papers of MP PSC. Hope it will help you in preparing for the examination in a better way.

Good Luck!

MP PSC Pre Exam Quiz of GS Paper I

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Leaderboard: MP PCS Pre 2012 Paper I Q-51-75

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  1. 5. Question
    55. Who among the following was the advocate at the famous ‘I.N.A. Trials’?

    (A) Subhash Chandra Bose
    (B) C. Rajagopalachari
    (C) Asaf ali
    (D) Bhulabhai Desai

    Sir. C&D both are correct answer

  2. Really, This is the good way to know whats going on in your study but dear admin you should have to add more question in this quiz. I mean at least 50 or more, By the way fabulousssss

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