MPPSC General Geography Important Practice Questions


Hello Friends!  Here are some important questions for MPPSC exam. Memorize and practice these well before appearing for exam. Good Luck!!

1. Main river of Rewa -Panna plateau is -
2. Total length of Narmada River in MP is...
3. Singaar peak in located at
4. Khan river passess through which city
5. What type of soil is mostly found on Plateau of Malwa
6. Ravine or 'beehad' is made by which river
7. Iron Ore mines is in
8. Majhgawa mine is famous for production of
9. 'Vehat' mines of Satna is famous for
10. Place of origin of Chambal river is
11. Sindhu river is Tributary of which river
12. Mandhaar and Dardi water falls are made by which river?
13. Place of origin of Taapti river is


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